February 2019: Risshun The “Early Spring” Box

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The theme of this February box is “Risshun” (Early Spring). What is “Risshun” of this month’s theme?
“Risshun” is first of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar.
It means the time to feel the signs of spring. However, it is still cold in the early spring of Japan. But, there are flowers blooming in it. It is “Ume” (plum blossom). “Ume” is lesser-known flower overseas yet, but it plays an important part in Japanese culture.
“Ume” starts to bloom in late winter. It is one of the first blooming flowers in the year. So it is a sign of the beginning of spring.

Well, in February, the whole of Japan is the exam season.
To Japanese, the symbol of shinto shrine for studying and learning is “Ume” blossom.
Many students go to this shinto shrine which does the symbol of the “Ume” and pray for passing the exam.

This February, let’s celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring with the lovely “Risshun” themed lifestyle items. You’ll find the spring
in this box!

The Lifestyle Box

1. Mino-yaki Ceramic Plum Blossom Rice Bowl (1 item)
Speaking of plum blossoms, a classic motif that has been used in many different things since ancient times.
The size is not so deep and slightly small, so it just feels fit for women or children.

2. Lacquered Plum Blossom
“Shiruwan” soup Bowl (1 item) A plum blossom as a motif, a bowl perfect for early spring.
※ incompatible:scrubbing, boiling, dishwasher, microwave oven and oven.

3. Mino-yaki Ceramic plate (1 item)
Japanese-style plate designed with the auspicious design with a motif of plum blossoms.
With the seasonal tableware, make the table nicer.

4. Wakasa painted chopsticks(1p)
The natural wood chopsticks lacquered by vermillion, it is painted of beautiful plum blossom.

5. Ceramic chopstick rest. (1 item)
Cute chopstick rest with a motif of plum blossom. If you use it to a paperweight, it is wonderful.

6. Japanese bush warbler pattern cotton handkerchief (1 item)
It is a nostalgic and retro patterned “Tenugui” (Japanese style handkerchief).
“Tenugui” can be used in various ways depending on the idea. It is 100% cotton made in Japan.

7. Fuku-mame (1p)
In Japan, we will hold an traditional event called “Setsubun” on February 3rd.
“Fuku-mame” is the beans which are thrown at that time. We throwing beans to drive out demons.

8. Aruheitou (Umeboshi Candy) (1p)
This candy was made in the Edo Annaka era. The child at that time called the triangle red candy “Umeboshi.”
But this candy is “Bekkoame” (tortoiseshell candy), and it is not sour like a pickled plum.

9. “Haru-iro” sticky note(1p)
Well, let’s have the fun of a small season in the sticky note.
This three pattern is a motif as three seasons of the twenty-four seasons in the Japanese lunar calendar.

10.Early Spring Post Card (1item)
It is a card that resembles the traditional pattern of rabbit and plum blossum.

Number of items: 10.



1. Uguisu ball (1P)
It is a deep-fried snack with glutinous rice as a raw material, sweetened with sugar and salt.

2. Cho-ya “Ume” jelly (1P)
It is a soft jelly made of the plum of 100% Japan domestic. The taste of refreshing plum will spread to your mouth.

3. Plum flavor tablet (1P)
Package of Japanese pretty design.
Her name is “Koume-chan”. It is a small tablet that can enjoy the taste of sweet and sour plum.

4. Potato chips (Plum and Anko Flavor) (1p)
This potato chips using plum made in “Dazaifu City” in Fukuoka. “Dazaifu City” has “Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine” which is the lucky place for students.
This snack is the item for passing the exam.

5. Nestle kit Kat “Iyokan Orange Flavor”(2P)
“Iyokan” is a type of Japanese oranges of Japanese native species. “Kit Kat” is widely popular as amulets of students in Japan.
This snack is the item for passing the exam.

6. Shinjuku Takano fruit chocolate(1P)
It is fruit chocolate that can enjoy 7 different flavors of milk, blueberry, strawberry, lemon, mango, melon, banana.
It is Valentine’s chocolate for you.

7. Kaki no Tane rice cracker (Plum Flavor) (1p)
“Kaki no Tane” is a very famous Niigata prefecture’s souvenir. This snack’s flavor is plum sour.

8. Wakame Snack plum flavor(1p)
It is slightly ripped stem seaweed with plum flavor.

9. Hana Ume cha (2p)
It is plum flavored kelp tea. It contains cute plum blossom shape “Okaki” (rice cracker).

10. Ume no Ka maki (rice cracker) (1p)
This rice cracker is wrapped in dried laver. It’s using 100% of glutinous rice. This snack’s flavor is plum sour.

11. Den-roku “Porippy” salt tast (1p)
This item made from beans covered with salt made in “Souya” (northernmost tip of Japan). It is a crispy taste.

12. Heart shaped pie (2p)
Crispy texture pie, it is sugar butter flavor.

13.”Setsubun” pattern sticker (1item)
It is a sticker that imaged Japanese traditional events “Setsubun”.

Number of items: 16.