November 2022 : “KOYO” (Colored leaves) Box

When this box arrives at your place, Japan will be covered with beautiful “Koyo” (Colored Leaves). “Koyo” is one of the things that Japanese people love along with cherry blossoms.

By the way, do you know what kind of environment is best for the leaves to turn beautiful colors?

There are three main conditions for the leaves to turn beautiful colors.
1. Large temperature difference between day and night. 
Especially the sudden cooling at night helps beautiful coloring. A minimum daily temperature of 8℃ or less is required for the “Koyo” to begin. It is said that it will progress further when the temperature drops below 5℃.
2. A lot of direct sunlight.
When the sun hits the whole tree or the whole mountain, it turns beautiful.
3. have moderate humidity
It needs moderately moist air so that the leaves do not wither.

The reason why the state of autumn leaves differs from year to year is that it is closely related to weather like this.
These deciduous trees meet various conditions and change color beautifully at once. Isn’t the “Koyo” in Japan like a beautiful miracle caused by the nature?


The Lifestyle Box

1. Beautiful “Kan-nyu” Ichou small bowl (1 item)
A small ginkgo-shaped “Ichou” (ginkgo) biloba with a beautiful glaze. It is an image of an “Ichou” tree with yellow autumn leaves.
※”Kan-nyu” is a fine crack pattern that can be made on the glaze part of pottery. It is a kind of decoration, and one of the points when watching.

2. Mino-yaki “Momiji” Plate (1 item)
This plate will brighten up your dining table with its gentle colored autumn leaves pattern.
It has a moderate depth, so it is useful for serving a wide range of dishes.

Originated from Gifu Prefecture, Mino-yaki (Mino ware) is Japan’s most popular pottery.
Its history is said to date back to 1300 years ago.

3. Momiji small plate (1 item)
This small plate is like a small piece of art. Although it is a very small plate, its appearance is beautiful and
gives off a strong presence on the table.

4. Leaf-shaped stickers (5 sheets / 1p)
This lovely sticker has an exquisite sense of sheerness and a realistic atmosphere. The clear base makes the leaf pattern stand out. Depending on your idea, how to use spreads infinitely.

5. “Momiji” Small bowl with Lid (1 item)
A small bowl with a lid creates a very cute autumn atmosphere. You can put pickles in this small bowl and put it on the dining table, or you can put accessories in it and put it on the sideboard.

6. “Momiji” Fork (1 item)
This small fork has beautiful autumn leaves printed on it. It’s just the right size for eating sweets and fruits.

7. 100% cotton slub fabric handkerchief (1 item)
A handkerchief inspired by the pattern of a kimono. It expresses a scene where “Momiji” (autumn leaves)
branches sway in the wind and the leaves create ripples on the surface of the water.

8. “Kaii Higashiyama” letter set “Chiri-Momiji” (1 item)
Kaii Higashiyama is a Japanese painter. This letter set uses a part of his work “Chiri-momiji”.

9. Autumn atmosphere Postcard (1 item)
It is a postcard of autumn leaves of “Nanzenji Tenjuan” in Kyoto, which is famous for autumn leaves. The contrast between the rustic atmosphere of the building and the fiery autumn leaves outside is beautiful. You can deliver the autumn atmosphere to your loved ones.

Number of items: 13.