[ “Akashiyaki” / local food in Akashi ]


“Akashiyaki” is a small round snack. It is local food in Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture. Local people refer to it simply as “tamagoyaki”.

The dumpling snack is made of an egg-rich batter and octopus. When we eat “Akashiyaki”, we dipped it into “dashi” (thin fish broth).

Modern style of “Akashiyaki” first started selling in the Taisho era. There are over 70 shops of selling “Akashiyaki” in Akashi.

Although “takoyaki” is more popular in Japan, it is based on “Akashiyaki”. Both are made with a “takoyaki” pan, which is a type of frying pan or cooktop. Compared to “takoyaki”, “Akashiyaki” has a softer, more eggy texture.

At TACCO PIRE in Himeji City, they spread sauce over “Akashiyaki”, and dipped it into “dashi”. It is unique.
If you go to Himeji, you will try it!

dipped "Akashiyaki" into "dashi"  made with a "takoyaki" pan At TACCO PIRE, they spread sauce over "Akashiyaki", and dipped it into "dashi".