[ “Chawan-mushi” / Today’s Japanese food ]

"Chawan-mushi". It's like pudding.

Today’s Japanese food is “Chawan-mushi”.

“Chawan-mushi” is one of the Japanese steamed dishes. It is a constant menu common in Japanese old restaurants.
“Chawan” means a rice bowl or a tea cup, and “mushi” means steamed.

How to make “Chawan-mushi”:
You put into ingredient materials (such as honewort, dried shiitake mushroom, ginkgo, lily root, “kamaboko” (boiled fish paste), chicken, shrimp, and shellfish) with the thing which egg and “dashi” (light-seasoned stock) mixed together, into the “Chawan”(cylindrical bowl), and steam it.

We used the wooden “Seiro” (bamboo steamer) as a steamer traditionally, but when you make “Chawan-mushi” at home, we often make it with a metal steamer.

If steaming time is too long, an egg solidifies too much and a gap will be made. And appearance of it worsens.

It is necessary to confirm recipes well to make delicious “Chawan-mushi”.

It is straight in taste, so it is recommended for a person eating for the first time.
Please try to eat it, if you see it in the menu.

“Chawan-mushi” is serve as vice-greens.  We eat "Chawan-mushi" by spoon.