[Japanese sweets : Meltykiss / Meiji ]

Meltykiss / Meiji

Do you know “Meltykiss”?

That’s the name of the chocolate sold from a Japanese manufacturer of confectionery “Meiji”. This chocolate is sold only in winter season.

In 1992, the chocolate developer of “Meiji Seika” thought that it wanted more people to eat luxury chocolate.
And “Meltykiss” has been completed by lowering the preservation temperature 5 degrees more than usual chocolate. So it is able to be sold in only Winter, cold season.

The theme of “Meltykiss”.
“We want you to eat chocolate at the most delicious time”.
“It’s smooth like snow, melt-in-the-mouth.”

There are the variation of “Meltykiss”, such as Fruity strawberry, matcha (green tea), rum & raisin.
It’s price is about 250yen.

It is luxury of the winter.

Some taste Meltykiss(Milk taste· Matcha taste · Strawberries taste)  Meltykiss cacao style (new taste)