[Studying Japanese word : Homonyms “Kami” version]

Homonyms "Kami" version

Good evening! It was the new week.
An allergic patient of “pollen” is increasing in Japan.

Well, There are many “homonyms” in Japan.
Today, let’s study about “Kami”, one of homonyms!

There are three representative meanings in Japanese “Kami”.

1) 髪 (hair)
This means “hair”, such as grows on head.
Ex.) Girls long for long “Kami” (hair).

2) 神 (God)
This means “God”.
Ex.) Do you believe “kami” (God)?

3) 紙 (Paper)
This means “paper”, such as memos paper means.
Ex.) I folded “Kami” (paper) for make “Kami-hikouki” (paper airplane).

How is it?

It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!