[Suzuki Plaza / Hamamatsu, Shizuoka]

The story of the motorcycle

Do you know the “SUZUKI”?
Suzuki is founded in 1909 as a loom maker in Japan. Now Suzuki has branched out into motorcycles, automobiles, and outboard motors, and so on.

And the factory of Suzuki was built in Taiwan, Philippine, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and so on.

You walk throughout Suzuki Plaza, you can experience the Suzuki’s history.

3rd floor : Suzuki’s history.
・The story of the motorcycle
・Japanese compact car (“kei”)
・Origin of the Alto etc.

2nd floor : Suzuki’s International Business.
・Production line for car
・Factory robot
・3D theater etc.

If you take the automobile by “Suzuki”, please go to watch!

[Information] Suzuki Plaza
■Open: 9:00 ~ 16:30
■Closed: Monday, New Years, Summer break
■Admission: Free (You need the reservation.)
■Address: 〒432-8062
1301 Zora-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka.
■TEL: +81-53-440-2020
■URL: https://www.suzuki-rekishikan.jp/
10 minutes walking from JR Tokaido Main line “Takatsuka” Station.

Japanese compact car ("kei")  The first of motorcycle is the bicycle with motor.