[Fireworks display of Japan: “Sumida River fireworks display” @ Sumida-ku, Tokyo ]


The fireworks displays are the Japanese summer tradition.
Every summer, there are lots of fireworks displays in Japan.

This time, I introduce you the “Sumida River fireworks display”.

The fireworks display begins in about 1959 in the “Ryogoku”.
It changed its name to “Sumida River fireworks display” in 1978, and launching began in the Sumida River surrounded in buildings.

And the “Sumida River fireworks display” is held every year in the last week of July. This year (2016) is July 30 (Sat).
Collaboration of the Sky Tree and fireworks is feature, too.

For a fireworks display of Japan, some Japan’s original fireworks are launched.
“Starmine”, “Warimono”, “Pokamono”, “Han-Warimono”, “Katamono” and so on.
The launched fireworks ball is a “product”, but we can say it’s “Art”.

Every year, the fireworks will bloom beautifully at every part of Japan.

Of course the fireworks of the “Sumida River” will also attract the audience this year, too.

[ Information ] “Sumida River fireworks display”
■Date: Sat. July 30, 2016
The festival will be cancelled in case of rain.
■Time: 19:05 ~ 20:30
■Location: Sumida River (at two sites. For details, see the map).
■Fee: Basic free of charge. There are the charged seats, too.
1) Nearest station of the First firework place.
15 minute walk from Metro “Asakusa Line” “Asakusa” Station.
2) Nearest station of the Second firework place.
5 minute walk from Metro “Asakusa Line” “Asakusa” Station.
5 minute walk from Metro “Asakusa Line” “Kuramae” Station.

"Starmine"   "Tokyo Sky tree" and Fire works. "Katamono"