[ “Suzuran” (Maybells) colony / Biratori-cho in Hokkaido ]

"Suzuran" (Maybells)

“Suzuran” (Maybells) is Japanese plants. It grows wildly to Hokkaido from central Honshu.
In Hokkaido, it is one of the early summer typical flower.

There is a big colony of “wild Suzuran” in Hokkaido.
The name is “Memu” in Biratori-cho.
The area has about 15hectare, it is the most wide in Japan.

The fragrance of “Suzuran” is a very rich and sweet.
When in full bloom, experience that is wrapped in the smell spread around is impressive.

Open to the public is about one month, from the late May to the middle of June every year.
The period of the event “Suzuran enjoying” of June is the best in full bloom♥

[ Information ] Biratori Memu “Suzuran” colony
Late May ~ mid-June only open to the public
Memu, Biratori-cho, Saru-gun, Hokkaido
About 40-minute driving from “Biratori Honcho” by car.
(To biratori-cho, drive by the Route 237 than Hidaka motorway “Hidaka Tomikawa IC”).

"Suzuran" (Maybells) colony