[ Harajuku / Tokyo ]

Takeshita Street

From princess style, comic look, animated accessories to even hard-punk Gothic style, you can all find it in “Takeshita” street. It attracts mostly young shoppers and visitors since the fashion style is as unique to any local or travelers. Shop until you drop, that’s the saying!

The street is lively, packed with people rushing by, commercialised with hundreds of chain, eye-catching shops. Shoes, shirt, skirts; boots, bags or badges, casual wear or cosplay, nothing is out of your reach here! The most important thing to stress on is decent price, as the crowds are rushing through and grabbing things in a bunch, you won’t be able to hold the temptation.

The sensation in Harajuku is partly contributed by “puri-kura”, with which you can take tons of beauty-beyond-your-expectation pictures and see how your creativity goes for the fixing effect before printing. And then you can take home stickers picture or have it send to your phone/email!

Side streets in the area are also filled with shops that lead into the shopping streets of “Omotesando”. If you walk around the side street a little bit, you can find “Kiddy land shop”, where all of Japanese and Disney characters’ souvernirs are displayed. We consider it a journey back to immagination and dreamy land. Find the unrealistic in realistic Tokyo!

[ Information ] Harajuku Area
1-chome Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Immediate access from JR “Harajuku Station” “Takeshita Exit”.