[ “Yanagawa punting” / Yanagawa, Fukuoka]

"Yanagawa punting" / Yanagawa, Fukuoka

In Yanagawa, some waterways run through the town. So you take the small boats (it is called “donko-bune”) on board and go on the rippling waterway.

There are several operator companies in Yanagawa, and both the platform and the course are various. Today, I introduce “Suigo-Yanagawa-Kanko” Co., Ltd..

You walk about 5 minutes from “Nishitetsu-Yanagawa” Station, you arrive the “Shimohyakucho” platform. From the platform, you take the “donko-bune”.

The course is approximately one hour. It may be hot, but the shade is borrowed. And in the early summer, wind across the shade of a tree and the surface of the water is comfortable. There are the flowers of the acacia, a willow, the old cityscape which harmonized with them. A boatman sings the nursery rhyme, it is wonderful.

You pass through the some bridge and enjoy changing scenery and buy chipped ice and ice cream from other ship. It is relaxed time, but it is fun and is comfortable.

A terminal is “Ohana”. The place is nearby “Hakushu Kitahara” birthplace. And you come back by bus to the station neighborhood.

It is the comfortable trip!

[Information] “Suigo-Yanagawa-Kanko” Co., Ltd.
from 9:00 to 16:30 (Reception last).
A reservation is necessary after 17:00
■Fee: 1, 500 yen
1-6, Mitsuhashimachishimohyakucho, Yanagawa-shi, Fukuoka
■TEL: +81-944-73-4343
■URL: http://kawakudari.com
5-minute walk from “Nishitetsu-Yanagawa” Station.

"Yanagawa punting" / Yanagawa, Fukuoka  "Yanagawa punting" / Yanagawa, Fukuoka