[Variety of Japanese rice @ “Inaho-Niigata” at marugoto-nippon in Asakusa]


Japanese food has been registered as World Heritage. The staple of it is rice.
Japan’s rice is characterized by the gloss and viscosity.
In Japan, there are some famous rice production area.
“Niigata-ken” is one of them.
“Koshihikari” produced at Minami-Uonuma is very delicious and famous.
“Koshihikari” is one of the kind of rice brand.

“Inaho-Niigata” at marugoto Nippon (Asakusa / Tokyo) is sold “Onigiri” (rice ball) and “sasa-dango” (bamboo’s grass wrapped rice cake), it’s made from “Minami-Uonuma Koshihikari”.
A lot of kind of topping in “Onigiri” is sold.
You choose the topping freely.
“Ume” (pickled plum) is sweet and sour, but it is recommended to Koshihikari.

The Japanese rice has a lot of brand.
Taste, color, aroma, viscosity, the size of the grain vary by brand.
In this shop, we can buy a small amount of rice.
So, you can get the many types of rice, and you enjoy the rice tasting.

By the way, do you know the delicious rice?
It is more freshly polished rice (white rice from brown rice).
At this “Inaho-Niigata”, various kinds of rice are sold in brown rice.
And you can use the rice polisher machine in the shop.
You can get freshly polished rice, it is so delicious rice!
If you come to Japan, please taste the many delicious rice.
[ Information ] “Inaho-Niigata” (marugoto Nippon 1F)
2-6-7Asakusa,Taito-ku ,Tokyo
■TEL: +81- 3-3843-1711
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marugotonippon/
5-minute walk from Subway Ginza line “Tawaramachi Station”
3-minute walk from Tsukuba Express line “Asakusa Station”

"sasa-dango" (bamboo's grass wrapped rice cake)  We can buy a small amount of rice various kinds of brown rice