[ Kominka café: “Kosou-an” @Jiyugaoka/Tokyo ]

Today's menu is “Cream Anmitsu”.

In Japan, there are cafés called “Kominka café”. “Kominka” means old house. So it is the Japanese old house’s style café.
Some owners remodel their houses for cafés, and the others open the café without remodeling it.
When the case the house hasn’t been remodeled, the taste of the house is just remain.

This time I will introduce the “Kominka café” named “Kosou-an” at Jiyugaoka.
In the “Kominka café”, we often eat and drink in the room of the “tatami” mat.
In addition, as for the dessert, Japanese traditional sweets such as “An-mitsu” (boiled peas with honey and bean jam) or “Zenzai” (baked mochi and sweet red-bean soup) are often prepared. Of course you can drink the “Matcha” tea (powdered green tea), too.
This time I ate “Cream An-mitsu” (An-mitsu with ice cream). It was very delicious!

It is the perfect place to enjoy traditional culture in Japan.
When you visited Jiyugaoka, please have a rest at “Kosou-an”.

[ Information ] “Kosou-an”
■Open: 11:00~18:30
Closed: Every Wednesday
1−24−23 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
■URL: http://kosoan.co.jp/index.html (Only in Japanese)
5 minute walk from the “Tokyu-Toyoko Line” or “Ooi-machi Line”, “Jiyugaoka” station

You can eat while looking at the garden.  It is the making of a traditional room.  Japanese garden.  Signboard of "Kosou-an".