[“Eikando” temple, season of colored leaf in autumn]

Autumn leaves reflected in the pond of the garden.

Eikando temple is one of the most famous temple at Kyoto. You are able to relax and pray calmly.

This temple is located on bottom of the beautiful “Higashiyama” mountains. It is surrounded with beautiful deep green during four seasons.

The “Eikando” has some beautiful gardens with a lot of flowers and trees, and colored leaves in every autumn. Many and many people visit this temple from all over the world.

Over 3000 maple also is planted in the gardens. You are surprised with, as autumn deepens, red-dyed spectacular scene. Especially at night, admission also becomes possible, light up also the maple is really beautiful. Autumn leaves reflected in the pond of the garden. As just fall into such illusion that maple is planted even in the pond’s water. You may be shouting out about the fantastic scene.

The “Eikando” has mysterious tales, “Seven Wonders of the Eikando”.
Most famous tale is “Mikaeri-Amida”. The face of Buddhism stature is to the left.
According to the tale, “Eikan Osho”, as praying monk, at night, had been offered a choice in before the Buddha. The Buddha came down from the stage. The Eikan was surprised that she told him “Eikan too late”. The current Amida is the figure of the Buddha.
She is very beautiful, a Buddhist stature was very beautiful feature!

[Information] Eikando Zenrinji-temple
■Admission fee:
In regular season = Adult : 600yen, Children : 400yen.
<Autumn : the beginning of Nov ~ the beginning of Dec.>
In Jihouten = Adult : 1000yen, Children : 400yen
In light-up = Adult : 600yen
48 Eikando-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
■TEL: +81-75-761-0007

Get on the bus No.5 from “Kyoto station”.
Get off the bus stop of “Nanzenji-Eikando-dou”.
3 minutes walking from “Nanzenji-Eikando-dou”.

red-dyed spectacular scene  "Mikaeri-Amida"  Over 3000 maple is planted  Autumn leaves