[ YAMAGATA vol.1 -Japanese prefecture introduction – No.6 ]


On Tuesday, I introduce summary and characteristic about the prefecture.

Today, I introduce “YAMAGATA”.
YAMAGATA locates at Tohoku region, next to Miyagi prefecture.
YAMAGATA is known local speciality of fruits, especially cherry; “Sato-nishiki” is one of famous cherry bland in Japan. It is expensive but so delicious!
Also Tendo city is famous for production of pieces of “Shogi” (Japanese chess), the share of it is more 90%. How about “Shogi” for the souvenir to your family and friends?

You can go to Yamagata by “Yamagata-Shinkansen”. It takes time about 3hours from Tokyo station.

[ Information ] 1) Region: Tohoku
2) Acreage: 9, 325.15km²
3) Population: about 1, 104, 000 people
4) Prefectural government: Yamagata city
5) Major cities (without prefectural government): Yonezawa city, Tsuruoka city
6) Prefecture’s flower: Safflower
7) Prefecture’s bird: Mandarin duck

Tomorrow, I introduce specially products and famous place and more that is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Mandarin duck  YAMAGATA