[Ameyoko Shopping Street / Tokyo]

Ameyoko Shopping Street

Ameyoko Shopping Street is located in Ueno, Tokyo. This shopping street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Japan.
Here you can get so many kinds of things, such as dried food groceries, low fish, processed marine products, clothing, and accessories. A lot of restaurants are also available.

In this street, you can negotiate on the price. It is no wonder you can get what you want inexpensively including souvenir or gift. If you want to enjoy shopping in Japan, you should not miss this street.
And you should go to “Niki no kashi” (Niki of confectionery). There are all the time about 5, 000 types of candy as a specialty store of candy!

You must get hungry after shopping. Why don’t you try the Japanese food? You can buy foods such as Japanese fruit or sweet things. And you can eat big meals like deep fried pork, ramen noodle, and Japanese beef stew. Have a nice meal and enjoy Ueno food.

[ Information ] “Niki no kashi” (Niki of confectionery)
■Open: 10:00~20:00
4-1-8, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
■URL: http://www.nikinokashi.co.jp/shoplist/dai1eigyosho/
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nikinokashi/
5 minitues walk from JR “Ueno-okachimachi” station North exit

"Niki no kashi" (Niki of confectionery)  You can get so many kinds of things.