[ “Hanagasa Festival” @Yamagata ]

Female dance, the "Kunpu Mogamigawa".

Let’s enjoy the midsummer in Yamagata by joining the cheerful and exciting “Hanagasa Matsuri (Festival)”!

The “Hanagasa Dance” is the dance. In the dance, we use a hat decorated with red artificial safflowers and the participants shout “Yasho! Makkasho!”.

It is said this shout was originally song for workers to do construction work easily and effectively together, by singing the same song.
Moreover, the lyrics of the “Hanagasa Ondo (song)” also introduce the famous places of Yamagata Prefecture along the “Mogami River” which runs through Yamagata Prefecture.

Although this dance festival was first created in 1965, now it has become one of the most famous dance festivals in “Tohoku” region, the northern area of Japan.

It is said over 100 groups consisting 10,000 dancers from all ages join in this festival for three days.

The “Hanagasa Festival” is usually held from 18:00 to 21:30 in August 5, 6 and 7 .
You will have an even enjoyable time if you join in the dancing in this festival.

You will also be able to experience this dance casually.
At the first festival day, from around 18:00 to 18:30, you can experience this dance in the street near the Yamagata city hall.
In addition, you can also jump in and take a part in the parade after the last dance group on the last day of this festival.
I recommend you bring your “Hanagasa” at this time, because it will be easier to dance. Also “Hanagasa” will be a good souvenir of Yamagata.

How about joining us and shouting “Yasho! Makkasho” together during the dance?

[ Information ] “Hanagasa Matsuri” @Yamagata
■Day: Yearly August 5th to 7th
■Time:18:00 – 21:00
■Admission: Free
■Festival place: Yamagata city. Around “Yamagata” station.
Tokamachi Kado to the Bunshokan Street, Yamagata city
■TEL: +81-23-642-8753
(Yamagata Chamber of Commerce and Industry Website)
■URL: http://www.hanagasa.jp/en/
About 15 minutes walking “Yamagata station” East Exit

From Tokyo station to “Yamagata station”
By “Tohoku Shinkansen line”, about 2 hour and 30 minutes ride.

※There are no reservation seats to see this parade. So I recommend you come to this street little earlier and get the place to have a seat and you prepare something to sit on it.

Powerful male dance, "Zao Gyoko".  Sing "Hanagasa Ondo" while dancing. "Hanagasa"