[ “Aomori Nebuta Festival” @Aomori ]

"Nebuta" (FAN SHAPED)

“Aomori Nebuta Festival” is a summer festival held in Aomori-City, Aomori prefecture. It is held from August 2 to 7, every year.
Also, the eve festival is held on August 1.

More than 3 million tourists (including the foreigner) come every year. The expense for holding of this festival seems to be about 220 million yen!

And this festival was assigned in the “Important intangible Folk-cultural Properties” of the country in 1980.

“Nebuta” refers to a festival car with the big papier-mache (big paper doll lantern).
Many of “Haneto” (dancers) jump and dance around the “Nebuta”.
There seem to be a huge “Nebuta” which needs 100 people for carrying!

As for this festival, the unique shout, “Lasse-la, Lasse-la” is impressive.

This grand festival is gorgeous, and has the value of watching.

[ Information ] “Aomori Nebuta Festival”
■Date: August 2 – 7, 2016
(The festival will carry out the plans even if it rains.)
1) August 2-6 = 19:10~21:00
2) August 7 = 13:00~15:00
■Festival place: Aomori city. Around “Aomori station”.
■Fee: Basic charge of free. There are the charged seats, too.
■URL: http://www.nebuta.or.jp/
From Tokyo station
Ride on “Tohoku, Hokkaido Shinkansen” “Hayabusa”
→ Ride for 3hour 30min.
Transfer at “Shin Aomori” station (Ride on Local “Ou main Honsen”)
→ Ride for 6 min.
Get off at “Aomori” station

"Nebuta" (Catching fish)  "Nebuta" (Battle)   "Nebuta" (Battle2)