[ The experience of “Juni-Hitoe” dressing up @ Kyoto – Japanese culture experience spot 4 -]

Juni-Hitoe costume.

“Juni-Hitoe” is a kind of Kimono.
Juni-Hitoe has many layers and was worn during the Heian era for formal clothes.
And recently, it is worn by the imperial families for the most special of occasions. It is very rare for commoners to wear it.

Today, I introduce the place where you can experience to wear “Juni-Hitoe” in Kyoto. The name is “Miyabi Yuki”. In this place, there are some menus to wear Japanese traditional clothes including “Juni-Hitoe”.

If you want to experience to wear “Juni-Hitoe”, you have to reserve it early on phone call or e-mail from website.

Please take this opportunity to get dressed in the traditional costume of Japan and experience a part of Japanese culture.
It seems to be a special memory in Japan!

[ Information ] “Miyabi Yuki”
■Address: 〒604-8272
Tsukinuki-cho, 807 Sanjo-agaru Kamanza-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-120-877-990
■E-mail: info@miyabi-yuki.jp
■URL: http://www.miyabi-yuki.jp/contents/english/
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miyabiyuki
■Fee: 15, 000yen~ (depends on options)
■Access: the nearest station is “Karasuma-Oike” station.
About 5 minutes walking from Karasuma or Tozai subway line “Karasuma-Oike” station.

Juni-Hitoe costume for Japanese dolls.