[ “Shiretoko Peninsula” @ Hokkaido ]

"Ezo deer" and "Higuma" (brown bear).

“Shiretoko” has been registered as World Heritage assets.
“Shiretoko” is the peninsula which projected into the south end of the Sea of Okhotsk. It runs through Shari-cho, Shari-gun, Hokkaido and Rausu-cho, Menashi-gun.
The peninsulas length is about 70km, the width of the base is 25km. The tip of the cape is narrow.
The origin of the name means “Sir etok” of the Ainu. It means “The place where the point of the natural hill or the natural hill stuck out of”.
You can watch many beautiful scenery and variety of mammals and birds in the Shiretoko peninsula.
There are untouched nature in “Shiretoko”. The variety of mammals and birds live in.
Also, there are large-scale kinds animals, such as “Higuma”(brown bear) , the “Yezo deer” (Japanese endemic species), “Shima Fukuro” (Blakiston’s fish-owl), a “Ojiro Washi”(white-tailed sea eagle) and the “Oo Washi” (Steller’s sea-eagle).
I will introduce the famous spots of “Shiretoko” in other days.

1) “Shiretoko Goko” (Lakes)
2) Water Fall “Oshinkoshin”
3) Water Fall “Furepe”
4) “Ryu-hyou” (drift ice)

"Shima Fukuro".  "Ojiro Washi" (right) and the "Oo Washi" (left). "Shiretoko Goko" Lakes.  "Oshinkoshin" WaterFall. "Ryu-hyou" (drift ice).