[ “Akita Kanto Matsuri” @ Akita ]

"Kanto" (Street lamp)

“Akita Kanto Matsuri” (Street lamp Festival) is a festival held in Akita city, Akita. It is held every year from August 3rd to 6th.

Liken the whole street lamp to the rice plant, and liken the lined lantern to a bag of rice. It is a festival to pray for a good harvest. The weight of “Kanto” is 50Kg!!

It has been designated an “Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property”. And it is said to be a one of the “Tohoku Three Biggest Festival” along with “Aomori Nebuta Festival” and “Sendai Tanabata Festival”.

Basically, the carriers put the “Kanto” on a forehead
, a waist, or a shoulder and parade around the town. There are experts carrying it with a mouth and a chin among them.
A bright “town crest” and “company emblem” are drawn on the lantern used for a “Kanto” (street lamp). This town crest has many lucky charm.

There is a call for “Kanto Festival”. The carriers and spectators shout “Dokkoisho Dokkoisho!!” (alleyoop alleyoop) to be excited the festival.

During a period, many companies in the town block participate and more than 270 “Kanto” poles are lighted. During the festival, the light of the lanterns burns beautifully.

[ Information ] “Akita Kanto Matsuri” @ Akita
■Day: Yearly August 3rd to 6th
■Time:18:15 ~ 20:35
■Admission: Free
■Festival’s place: “Kanto Oodori (main street)”. Around “Akita” station.
Kanto Oodori, Oomachi, Akita, Akita
■URL: http://www.kantou.gr.jp/english/index.htm
About 15 minutes walking from “Akita station” west exit

From Tokyo station to “Akita station”
By “Akita Shinkansen line”, about 4 hour ride.

Lantern with "town crest" and "company emblem".  “Kanto” are lighted beautifully in the night. Carrying "Kanto" by a chin.