[ Japan of August ]

The Japanese summer vegetables became delicious.

It became in August.

In Japan, August is the hottest month.
And in many places, we hold the summer festivals.

We will introduce some events in August.

1) “Yamano-hi” (8/11)
This year, Japan will have a new national holiday.
Its name is “Yamano-hi” (The day of Mountain).

2) “O-bon” (Bon Festival)
This is the Buddhist event.
This is from the 13th to 16th of August.
“O-Bon” is hold a memorial service to the spirits of ancestors.
Many companies and shops will be closed in “O-bon ” period.

3) Fireworks display
Every year, many fireworks displays are held all over Japan.

4) “Zansho-mimai” (Late-summer greeting card)
“Zansho-mimai” means late-summer greeting card.
It is send from “Rissun” (First day of autumn / around August 8) to August 31.
It is the custom to worry about the health of your friend at the hottest time in one year.

Now, the Japanese summer vegetables became delicious.
Let’s enjoy the event and summer!

"Yamano-hi" (8/11)  "O-bon" (Bon Festival)  Fireworks display  "Zansho-mimai" (Late-summer Greeting card)