[Today’s Japanese word “Golden Week”]

GW is long holiday season

Today’s Japanese word is “Golden Week” (GW).

The GW is long holiday season, is often the period of to early May from the end of April.
The GW is one of the Japanese-English word.

Originally it refers to the three days up to May 5 from May 3.
In addition, we call the GW including them when there is Saturday, Sunday, a holiday around three days.

Furthermore, it includes the days from April 29 to May 5 and may say the GW in many cases.

For example, let’s take a look at this year’s calendar.

April 29 holiday … Showa Day
April 30 Saturday
May 1 Sunday
May 2 (Weekdays)
May 3 holiday … Constitution Day
May 4 holiday … Greenery Day
May 5 holiday … Children’s Day
May 6 (Weekdays)
May 7 Saturday
May 8 Sunday

In this way, there is only two weekdays within 10 days.

Also, these holidays are in the case of Sunday, the following Monday will be a holiday.

In this way a long holiday is not rare in Japan.
So, there are many people who go on a trip on the GW.
As a popular travel destination of the GW,
・Nagasaki  etc.

In this season, the high-speed road is a big traffic jam, and bullet train ride rate will exceed 100%.
Watch out for traffic information when you comes to Japan to the GW.

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One of the popular travel destination.  a big traffic jam in tourist spot