[Today’s Japanese word “Pocket tissue papers”]

The contents to be advertised are printed in "Pocket Tissue".

Today’s Japanese word is “Pocket tissue”.
“Pocket tissue” is the tissue paper for portable size.
There are about ten tissue papers in a small plastic bag. It is very convenient.

There were several opportunities that “Pocket tissue” was spread all over Japan.
One occasion was that Fuji Bank (now: Mizuho Bank) distributed 200 thousand pieces as gift items to people to open accounts in 1970.
The other occasion was that it was made in 1968 instead of the matchbox that was previously distributed for publicity. It’s said that a paper making processing company in Kochi Prefecture invented that.

By the way, have you received “Pocket tissue” on the street?
In Japan, “Pocket tissue” is often distributed as one of guerrilla marketing in the street or the front of station. The contents to be advertised are printed in “Pocket tissue”.
Recently, we also distribute the “wet tissue” at pocket size.
In Japan, “Tissue-pack marketing” (The act to which a Pocket tissue is distributed in the street) is the scene often seen anywhere.

“Pocket tissue” can also buy at convenience stores, drug stores and so on.
There are also very cute designs.

“Pocket tissue”  It is convenient when you catch a cold.