[Studying Japanese: How to shopping in Japanese]

[Studying Japanese: How to shopping in Japanese]

Good evening! It was the new week.
Thank you for reading always!

Let’s study the “How to shopping” in Japanese today!
This time, “I’d like this one.”.
The scene is at “Clothes shop.”

Here we go! lesson!
~ Find the nice clothes at clothes shop ~

Cust.) “Kore kudasai” (I’d like this one.)
Staff) “Kashikomari mashita” (Thank you all right.)
Cust.) “Onaji huku de hoka no iro / ookisa ha arimasu ka?”
(Are there other colors / sizes with the same clothes?)
Staff) “Shou-shou omachi kudasai” (Please wait a moment.)

Staff) “Omatase itashi mashita. Kochira desu”
(Sorry to keep you waiting. Over here.)
Cust.) “Suteki! koremo kudasai”
(Lovely! I’d like this one, too!)
Staff) “Arigatou gozaimasu”
(Thank you very much.)

※ Expression in Japanese.
• Color is “Iro”
• The size is “Ookisa”

How is it?
By the way, when you want to try on clothes….
you ask “Shichaku dekimasu ka?” (Can I try this on?)

It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!