[ IBARAKI vol.1 -Japanese prefecture introduction – No.8 ]


On Tuesday, I introduce summary and characteristic about the prefecture.

Today, I introduce “IBARAKI”.
IBARAKI locates at Kanto region.
IBARAKI is famous of product “Natto”. Do you like it?
Not only Japanese but also foreigners have likes and dislikes about “Natto” by its unique smell. But it is delicious. Please challenge to eat it!

In north of IBARAKI, there is “Ryujin-otsuribashi”. It is the longest suspension bridge at Honshu. Its height is about 100 meters from ground, the scene is beautiful. Also you can do bungee jump at it. How about try it?

Further in IBARAKI, there are some beautiful natures spot you must be enjoy such as “Hitachi Seaside Park”, “Tsukuba Pony Park”, “Kairakuen”, “Fukuroda Falls” and more.

I wish you enjoy the trip in IBARAKI!

[ Information ] 1) Region: Kanto
2) Acreage: 6, 097.12km²
3) Population: about 2, 897, 000 people
4) Prefectural government: Mito city
5) Major cities (without prefectural government): Tsukuba city, Hitachinaka city
6) Prefecture’s flower: Rose
7) Prefecture’s bird: Skylark

Tomorrow, I introduce specially products and famous place and more that is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.

Skylark  IBARAKI locates at Kanto region.