[Momiji-gari “Sightseeing colored leaves” @ Koetsu-ji temple / Kyoto ]

At shrine entrance of "Koetsu-ji", the leaves of maple dyed beautifully red.

You must go north area “Kitayama” in Kyoto. Kitayama is very beautiful woodlands of Kyoto. In autumn, there are some “Momiji” (colored leaves) spots surrounding there. And through four seasons, there are very spectacular foliage of the landscape in Takagamine.

In autumn, a lot of citizen go to “Momiji-gari”. It means hunting “Momiji”, but you cannot eat “momiji”. To not eat the “hunting” is a strange word, but scenery is delicious feast.

This “Koetsu-ji” temple is a place where you can enjoy best autumn leaves.
When you are arriving here, you are surprised with landscapes of shrine entrance of “Koetsu-ji”. As the leaves of maple dyed beautifully red from both sides blocks the sky overlays, dyed the sun to shine on the red.

Many of the “Cha-sitsu” (tea house) for their guests were built as blended into the landscape. It is really ancient art work.

Takamine was a terrible land in Edo period. Hon-ami Koetsu who is craftsman moved here. He and his fellows worked at artistic of Japan. After he died, his residence was changed to “Koetsu-ji temple”.

[Information] Koetsu-ji temple
■Admission fee:
Adult 300yen
29 Takagamine-Koetsu-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto
■TEL: +81-75-491-1399

3 minutes walking from Kyoto City bus stop “Takagamine Genkoan-mae”.

At shrine entrance of "Koetsu-ji" in summer.  "Momiji-gari" in autumn "Momiji" in summer  three mountains in Takamine