[Try making your original Japanese Buddhism praying beads “Jyuzu”]

Coloful "Jyuzu"

You can make “Jyuzu” in Kyoto!

“Jyuzu” is Japanese Buddhism praying beads. Almost of Buddhist monks use “Jyuzu”, and many Japanese have “Jyuzu” during they pray.
But some foreigners are fitting “Jyuzu” with their body, example bracelet.
“Jyuzu” is said to be a sense of as a talisman and safety, so become a talisman-amulet. So if you difference the religion, you can make and wear “Jyuzu”.

We suggest you, you are able to try making original “Jyuzu” at “Jyuzu-shop Imai-hannenjyu-ten” in Higashiyama-dist., Kyoto.
This “Jyuzu” shop have history and tradition. It is located near some major temples in Higashiyama, Kiyomizu-dera temple and so on.
You will book this shop directly and try making in 2 ~ 3hours.
This experience of making “Jyuzu” is introduced kindly by craftsman.
You will create a string through the 108 pieces of jade.
You make “Jyuzu” of some colorful beads, for example crystal-clear blue or pink, green, etc.. “Jyuzu” is more complete when you mix large, small, vivid and colorfully beads.
You bring the original “Jyuzu” to the world.In Kyoto, you can handmade experience of traditional crafts. Such as “Nishijin-ori” and “Kiyomizu-yaki” can also experience. It becomes a nice souvenir.[ Information ] Imai-hannenjyu-ten
exclude: Sunday, National Holidays, mid-Summer praying days and Newyear

609 Nushiya-cho, Higashiyama-dist., Kyoto

■TEL: +81-75-561-0307



5 minutes walk from Keihan line “Shichijo Station”
20 minutes walk from “Kyoto station”

crystal-clear type  the entrance of Imai-hannenjyu-ten