[ “Manshu-in” temple / Kyoto ]

Wonderful landscape autumn leaves!

“Manshu-in” temple is spectacle and wonderful spot in autumn as colored leaves. There is wonderful landscape autumn leaves “Koyo”. It stands at Shugakuin, northern area of Kyoto-city.

In this temple, you are surprised with the honorable atmosphere. And you feel calmly the atomosphere to covered with maple dyed in vivid color. And you enter the garden, so you can see autumn leaves of the garden and maple of evergreen.

The temple buildings are very old and have been designated the Important cultural properties.

Then, you feel the elegance and noble atmosphere, because this Monzeki is related to Emperor families.
1300 years ago, the temple was built by the family of Imperial prince. It is in imitation of “Rikyu”. “Rikyu” is villa for the Emperor. And it is also secretary office after the Emperor abdicated. So it was constructed gorgeously.

In Kyoto, there are three Imperial Palace villa “Rikyu” and emperor house “Gosho”. But you cannot access there, because the general public does not open free without reserve. But you can easily access Manshu-in.

[ Information ] Manshuin Temple – Manshuin Monzeki
■Admission fee:
Adult:600yen, Children:400yen
42 Ichijoji-Takenouchi-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-75-781-5010

Near station is Eizan railways “Shugakuin station”.
20 minutes walk from “Shugakuin station”.
Or by using bus, 20 minutes walk from “Ichijyo-Shimizu” bus stop.

Autumn leaves  Autumn leaves of the garden and maple of evergreen The garden