[ Today’s Japanese food “Karaage”]


Today’s Japanese food is “Karaage”.
It is the deep-fried chicken. It is the extreme popularity in Japanese foods.

The “Karaage” is occasionally made with breast meat, but it is usually made with chicken thighs. The seasonings used are salt, wheat flour, starch, pepper, soy sauce, sake (alcohol), garlic and ginger. These are used to cover the meat. Then deep fry it at about 185 degrees until it is cooked.

If you cook it with more starch than flour it will become more crispy. It is delicious when it is fresh and hot. But when it has cooled down, it is also delicious. Because it is delicious when it is cold status, it is a great food packing on the going out. Especially we pack it in “Obento” (lunch box).

“Karaage” is so popular that it is often found in supermarkets, convenience stores and even the food counters in department stores!

deep fry at about 185 degrees  We pack "Karaage" in "Obento" (lunch box).