[Studying Japanese: Ask the way in Japanese]

Studying Japanese: Ask the way in Japanese

Good evening! It was the new week.
Thank you for reading always!

Let’s study the “Ask the way” in Japanese today!

Here we go! lesson!

☆At first, “how to ask”.

1)”<●●> ni ha douyatte ikunoka oshiete kudasai”
(Could you tell me how to get to <●●>?)
※<●●> is the place of the goal.

2)”Sumimasen. <●●> ni ha douyatte ikeba yoidesuka?”
(Excuse me. Could you help me find <●●>?)

3)”Sumimasen. Mayotte imasu”
(Pardon me. I got lost.)

☆Next is a commonly used answer.

1)”<〇〇> made massugu itte kudasai.”
(Go straight until you get to <〇〇>).
※<〇〇> is the place of the goal.

2)”< 〇〇> wo toori sugimasu.”
(Go through <○○>)

3)”< ○○> wo migi / hidari ni magari masu.”
(Turn right / left at <○○>)

Well, about the road word in japanese.
・Corner ⇒Kado、Magari-kado
・Traffic light ⇒ Shingouki
・Intersection ⇒ Kousa-ten
・End of the road ⇒ Tsuki-atari

It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!