[ Today’s Japanese food: “Natto” ]

"Natto" and egg on the rice

Do you know “Natto”?
“Natto” is a Japanese fermented food which let soybeans ferment by “Natto” bacteria.

You can see it easily in the food sections all over Japan. It is the health food.

It is common to season the “Natto” by soy sauce and mustard after stirring it.
There are also people who put in an egg and a long onion for preference.

But from its unique smell, Japanese have likes and dislikes about “Natto”.

The forthcoming 7/10 is called “Natto no Hi” (The day of “Natto”) in Japan.
Why do we call it like that?
We read 7 in “Nana” in Japanese. And we read 10 in “To”. In a game of rhyming of 7 and 10, we can call it “Natto”.

Not only Japanese but also foreigners have likes and dislikes about “Natto” by its unique smell.

But it is delicious. Please challenge to eat it!

We usually eat "Natto" with rice.  Some people plus long onions for preference. "Natto" is a standard of the Japanese breakfast.