[Today’s Japanese Food : “Hamaguri no osuimono” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Hamaguri no osuimono”.

On March 3, today is “Hina-matsuri”.

In “Hina-matsuri”, we eat “Hamaguri no osuimono” (the soup of the clam).
This soup of the clam is the formal name “ushio-jiru” (seafood soup seasoned with salt), because we make it with only a clam and soup stock of the kombu without using the “dashi” (bonito soup stock).

The reason about eating the soup of the clam is that the bivalve meant “princess” (girl) from old days.

“The clam” is most delicious in this season. And if two pieces of shells are good, “the clam” fits and does not match in particular other shells.
It is said that it leads to “virtue and the happiness of the woman” from here.

This dish is easy to cook as much as it is not necessary to take the soup stock.

"Hamaguri no osuimono" (the soup of the clam)  "Hamaguri"