[Today’s Japanese Food: “Dashimaki tamago”]

"Dashimaki tamago"

Today’s Japanese food is “Dashimaki tamago”.

There are many egg dishes around the world.
One of the famous Japanese egg dishes is “Dashimaki tamago”. This dish looks like very simple but very hard to make.
“Dashimaki tamago” is made with egg and “dashi” made from benito flakes and “kombu” (seaweed). It is baked by square pan and chopsticks.
Omelet and “Dashimaki tamago” is quite different in terms of layer of egg because you pour egg in the pan gradually and bake it and then repeat that.

“Dashimaki tamago” is also like “Tamagoyaki” but different, because “Dashimaki tamago” is softer and juicer and you can feel a hint of sweet in it.

One of famous spots of “Dashimaki tamago” is Tsukiji / Tokyo. Because there are so many shops of “Dashimaki tamago”. You can taste different kinds of “Dashimaki tamago” for about $1.
“Dashimaki tamago” at Tsukiji is popular with Japanese as well as foreigner.

"Dashimaki tamago" is baked by square pan and chopsticks.  "Dashimaki tamago" with an eel