[Today’s Japanese food “Katsudon”]


Today’s Japanese food is “Katsudon”.

Katsudon is a popular Japanese food. It is a bowl of rice topped with “Tonkatsu”(a deep-fried pork cutlet), egg, vegetables, and seasoning. 

We put “Tonkatsu” and vegetables in a pan. And am closed with stew, an egg with seasoning. The seasoning are usually soy sauce, “dashi” and sugar.

The name of this dish is named from the Japanese words “Tonkatsu” and donburi (rice bowl dish).

In Japan, before taking a test or school entrance exam, we usually eat “Katsudon”. Because a homophone of “katsu” means “to win”.

We can eat “Katsudon” in Japanese restaurant, “Soba” restaurant, and so on. Please try it!