[ Today’s Japanese food: “Unagi” ]


Today’s Japanese food is “Unagi” (eel).

“Unagi” is a kind of fish which has been eaten from the Edo era. It is one of Edo dishes and is traditional local cooking of Edo.
It is very familiar to Japanese.

The cooking methods such as “kabayaki” or “Una-jyu”, “Una-don” (bowl of broiled eel on rice) are devised to eat “Unagi”.

How to make “Unagi-no-kabayaki” (baked eel):
1) You first open the eel and remove the middle bone.
2) Stabbed it with a skewer and fire it in bare.
3) After you baked it for a while, attach the thick sauce which is mixed by “koikuchi” (concentrated taste) soy sauce, sweet sake, sugar, liquor, and continue baking it again.
When you baked it enough it’s time to eat!

Even if you just eat the “Unagi-no-kabayaki” is delicious, but most of Japanese often put it on rice and eat it.

The dish is called “Una-jyu” or “Una-don”. “Una” is “Unagi”, and “jyu” means “jyubako” (box). “Don” means bowl.
We put rice into the “jyu” or “don” and put “Unagi” on rice .

It’s very delicious!! I like it so much.
Please try it at once.

"Una-jyu"  We also eat "Unagi" with no sauce. It is called "Shiroyaki". Stabbing "Unagi" with a skewer.