[Today’s Japanese food “Oyakodon”]

Today's Japanese food "Oyakodon"

Today’s Japanese food is “Oyakodon”.

“Oyakodon” is a very popular dish which almost every Japanese knows.
“Oyakodon” comes from
“Oya” = parents = chicken meat
“Ko” = children = eggs,
“Don” = bowl.
It resemble “Katsudon”.

How to cook it is easy.
We boil diced chicken and sliced onion with pan with source which made with soy source, sugar, salt and pepper.
Then put mixed eggs into it and boil until mixed eggs go just a little hard. At last, it is put on top of rice!

A soft‐boiled egg of “Oyakodon” is very delicious.
This dish was invented “Tamahide” at a Tokyo restaurant in 1891.

We can eat “Katsudon” in Japanese restaurant, “Soba” restaurant, and so on. Please try it!

Today's Japanese food "Oyakodon"  Today's Japanese food "Oyakodon"