[KAGETSUDO’s fluffly “Melon-pan” @ASAKUSA]

Jumbo melon pan

Do you know Japanese “Melon-pan(melon bread)”?

“Melon-pan” is one of the type of sweet breads in Japan.

“Melon-pan” is topped with cookie dough on top of the dough, and the put the lattice-shaped groove to cookie dough.
It look like a Musk Melon (cantaloupe).

It has distinctive sweet flavor, attracted a lot of people from adults to children.

In Asakusa, there is a very popular Melon-pan’s shop “Kagetsu-do” .
Melon-pan of “Kagetsu-do” is very fluffy bread on board crispy cookie dough. It’s name is “Jumbo melon pan(200yen)”.
“Jumbo melon pan” is soft and fluffy. When I bit the bread. It seems to be crushed
The crispy cookie dough is a crunchy texture. It is unique.
About 3,000 “Jumbo melon pan” are sold a day. You can eat freshly baked at any time .

“Kagetsu-do”‘s atmosphere is the Japan of the Showa era.
Let’s go to “Kagetsu-do”. You will surely feel the atmosphere of the good old days.

[ Information ] Kagetsu-do
9:00~close a shop as soon as “Jumbo melon pan” is sold out
No regular holiday
2-7-13 Asakusa,Taito-ku, Tokyo
■URL: http://www.asakusa-kagetudo.com/
15-minute walk from Tobu Asakusa Station or Tokyo Metro Asakusa Station.

Jumbo melon pan and Apple pie  many dough Kagetsu-do