[ Today’s Japanese food: “Amazake” ]

Hot "amazake".

“Amazake” is a traditional Japanese sweet beverage, and it is also called the sweet rice porridge.

The raw materials of “amazake” is mainly malted rice and rice or the lees of “sake”.
Although the name of “amazake” included “sake”, there are a few alcohol components. As for the commercially available product, it is classified in a soft drink (less than 1% of alcohol frequency).

In the Edo era, people drank the “amazake” as energy drink, for the purpose of preventing summer fatigue.

You can make “amazake” by yourself, but you can buy it at stores, too. It is sold in can, bottle, freeze dry and a plastic bag filling.
Also in winter, “amazake” is often available at vending machines.

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Cold "amazake".  Raw materials of “amazake”. You need malted rice and rice or the lees of "sake".  We also drink "amazake" at "hinamatsuri".