[ Today’s Japanese food: “Hiya-yakko” ]

Hiya-yakko with soy sauce.

“Hiya-yakko” (cool “tofu”) is one of the dishes using the “tofu”. It is said “Yakko” for short.
It is eaten as relish of “sake” (Japanese alcohol). This is mainly for winter, but some people have it as a summer dish because it’s cool.
We put the spice and seasoning on the cooled “tofu” to eat it.

As for the spice and the seasoning, various things are used.
We put on “kizami negi” (chopped leek), “katsuo bushi” (shavings of dried bonito), grated ginger, “Myouga” (Japanese ginger), finely chopped of green “shiso”, “daikon oroshi” (the grated white radish), and other favorite spices.

And for the seasoning, we put on concentrated taste soy sauce, red pepper miso, and others favorite sauce to eat it.

Because “Hiya-yakko” has a refreshing flavor, it is popular as a meal when you have no appetite.

Topping with “kizami negi” (chopped leek) and Japanese ginger.  Topping with red pepper miso. "Myouga" (Japanese ginger)