[ “Manekineko” museum @Seto/Aichi ]

"Manekineko" (a welcoming cat)

Seto in Aichi prefecture is known for “Setomono”. “Setomono” means china. And also, it’s one of the producing areas of ceramic “Manekineko”.

“Manekineko” (a welcoming cat) is a Japanese charm shaped of a cat.
In Japan, “Manekineko” brings you happiness. So “Manekineko” is one of lucky items for Japanese.

There is a “Manekineko” museum in Seto. Several thousands of them were gathered by Bando Kanji. It is the largest museum about “Manekineko” in Japan.

When you get inside the museum, you will be surprised at the number of “Manekineko”s displayed all over the place. You can see specimens from many different regions and different generations. Each one is unique.
Please look at each of them carefully.

In the museum, you can try the workshop that you can paint the “Manekineko” of your choice easily, too.
You can find some souvenirs in the museum’s shop. It’s a wonderful place for people who love cats.

[ Information ] “Manekineko” museum

Closed: On Tuesdays

■Admission Fee:
Adult 300yen
College or High school student 200yen
2 Yakushi-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi-ken

■TEL: +81-561-21-0345
■URL: http://www.luckycat.ne.jp/index.html
8 minute walk from Meitetsu-Seto line “Owariseto station”

"Manekinekos" are displayed all over the place.  "Manekineko" museum. The workshop that you can paint the "Manekineko".