[ ORIGAMI Kaikan @Ochanomizu -Tokyo FREE spot 4-]


Are you interested to playing “ORIGAMI”?
Today’s Tokyo free spot is “ORIGAMI kaikan” near “Ochanomizu station”.

“ORIGAMI” is one of Japanese unique traditional arts. Colored sheets of paper which are cut in a square shape are used for this. People can make various figures such as birds, animals and many other things, without using scissors or paste.

At “ORIGAMI kaikan”, craftsmen dye the Japanese paper into various colors by one piece.
You can observe the dyeing process at workshop. It is a very precious experience, you should go there.
In addition, there is ORIGAMI gallery. In the gallery, various artworks are displayed every season. It is so cute!
Also there is souvenir shop. How is it in gift for your friends?

[ Information ] ORIGAMI kaikan
■Open: 9:30~18:00
Day off: every Sunday, holiday.
■Address: 〒113-0034
1-7-14 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
■TEL: +81-3-3811-4025
■URL: http://www.origamikaikan.co.jp/
Nearest station is JR “Ochanomizu station”.
6 minutes walking from Hijiri-bashi exit of JR “Ochanomizu station”.

crane by ORIGAMI  Many colors of ORIGAMI.