[ TOKYO BAY AQUA LINE / Tokyo and Chiba]

Aqua Line

You can have all the great experiences when traveling or living in Japan, from the modern, super metropolitan city like Tokyo to ancient, peaceful Kyoto or full of flower-blossom and fresh air like Hokkaido, but the first-hand experience you must try is standing on top of an artificial island in the middle of the sea, having great view of city lights far far away, and watching the blue sky or sun set surrounding you. We recommend you Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line!

Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line is one of the express-way which connects Kawasaki, Kanagawa and Kisarazu, Chiba.
It is the crossing bay highway made by the underwater tunnel and the bridge. The tunnel called Aqua-Tunnel is 9.6km and starts from Kawasaki. The bridge called “Aqua-Bridge” is 4.4km and starts from Kisarazu.
At the connection of the tunnel and the bridge, there is huge artificial island called “Umi-Hotaru”. It serves as an convenient way to travel to Chiba prefecture, which takes only about 30 minutes.

The facilities provided at this artificial island (Tokyo Bay Oasis) are of great service. parking area, shopping center, restaurants, cafe and convenient stores with refreshing view of blue ocean.
When standing on top of Tokyo Bay Oasis, pause for a moment to take in the fantastic view and comfortable sea breeze. If it is just the right time of sun set, the sky line is magnificent.

[ Information ] Aqua Line “Umi-Hotaru”
■Opening hours: depending on shops
Nakajimachisaki, Kisarazu-shi, Chiba
■Tel: +81-438-41-7401
By Car, “Shuto Express Way” to “Aqua Line”.

sun set from "Umi-Hotaru"  "Umi-Hotaru" sun set from "Umi-Hotaru"