"Valley of GANGALA"

“Valley of GANGALA” is the site of coral limestone cave. It had been collapsed several million years ago. There are rich natural forest.

The beginning of the adventure is from “Cave Cafe”. It is the mysterious space in growing cave even now.

“Valley of GANGALA” walk tour is about 1km with the exclusive guide in the forest. It is said that the primeval of humanity had been inhabited.
The guide is only Japanese, but there are audio and text guides of English, Chinese and Korean.

In its adventure, you can see a variety of subtropical plants, enter dark cave with a lantern, and meet the Magi in the forest “Ufushu-Gajumaru (Master banyan tree) “.
Finally, have a break in rich viewing tree house .
You will feel so quickly the tour of about one hour and 20 minutes!

[ Information ] VALLEY OF GANGALA
■No Admittance except tour.
Please book the tour from online on HP or telephone.
〒901-0616 Tamagusuku-maekawa 202, Nanjo-city, Okinawa
■TEL: +81-98-948-4192
■URL: http://www.gangala.com/
■Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Valley.of.Gangala
About 30 minutes by car from “Naha” airport

"Cave Cafe"  coral limestone cave big coral limestone cave