[Studying Japanese: Self-introduction]

Studying Japanese: Self-introduction

Good evening! It was the new week. Thank you for reading always!
In Japan, Golden week (Japan consecutive holidays in May) has ended.

Let’s study the “Self-introduction” in Japanese today!
I will introduce “Self-introduction in Japanese” by Q & A.

Here we go! lesson!

Q1) “Anata no namae ha nani de suka”?
(What is your name?)
A1) “Watashi no namae ha <yamada hanako> desu”.
(My name is <Yamada Hanako>.)

Q2) “Shusshinn ha doko de suka”?
(Where are you from?)
A2) “<Hokkaido> no shusshinn desu”.
(I am from “Hokkaido”.)

Q3) “Suki na <tabemono> ha nani de suka”?
(What is your favorite <foods>?)
A3) “Watashi ha <sake> ga suki desu”.
(I like <salmon>.)

A1)The part of < > enters with the name.
Japan will be called by the order of the family name ⇒ name.

A2)The part of < > is your home town name enters. It’s easy Japanese, so I’ll try it out!

Q3) is a very easy-to-use sentence.
You can make many variations, such as “flower” and “color” and so on.

And, A4) is also a frequently used answer.
Let’s change the inside of < > according to the question.

It’s easy Japanese, so you’ll try it out!