[ “Sennyu-ji” temple in popular as tombs of Japanese Emperor families / Kyoto]

Sennyu-ji temple

Sennyu-ji temple is one of the most famous temple in Kyoto. Because you feel the unique culture and traditions among Japanese people who respect Emperor and Imperial Family. And even now, this atmosphere is remaining from Meiji Restoration, on moved to Tokyo (Edo), the capital of during 1200 years capital in Tokyo. There are many Japanese coming from all over the country. It has been known as the most prestigious temple in Kyoto.

Then, we introduce Japanese Emperor and Imperial families. There is the history of more than 2600 years, the Emperor and Empress visit the friendly nationwide today. A lot of citizens get on welcome.

There is Kyoto Imperial Palace “Kyoto Gosho” in Kyoto. So many Imperial Family spots are in the Kansai, near Kyoto, Osaka and Nara. Number of ancient tombs and the tomb of the emperor was buried in the old periods. There is also a place that has become. Also in this Sennyu-ji, twenty five Emperors were buried in Getsurin-tomb.

If you are in this area, you feel blowing cold wind in the summer and step into a pair to the feeling that passes through. And there are some gardens and buildings in Sennyu-ji, which is wrapped in a solemn air. Precincts Garan (main hall) was rebuilt almost the Edo era. It is a temple with a spectacular.

[ Information ] Sennyu-ji Temple
9:00~16:30 (16:00 in winter schedule)
27 Yamanouchi-cho, Sennyu-ji Higashiyama-ku dist. Kyoto.
■TEL: +81-75-561-1551
Kyoto city bus #208 get off Sennyu-ji from “Kyoto station”.

Twenty five Emperors were buried in Getsurin-tomb.  Japanese Garden