[ HOKKAIDO -The introduction of Japan’s prefecture – No.1 ]

HOKKAIDO is located the most north in Japan.

Starting from this week, I introduce all 47 prefectures in Japan on every Tuesday and Wednesday.
On Tuesday, I introduce summary and characteristic about the prefecture.

Today, I introduce “HOKKAIDO”.
HOKKAIDO is located the most north and biggest prefecture in Japan.
HOKKAIDO is famous to agriculture and dairy farming; such as potatoes, onions and milk are top sharing in Japan.
Also fishery is flourishing in HOKKAIDO, there are many restaurants where you can eat fresh fishes.

Then seawater temperature is low in HOKKAIDO, influence of the typhoon is little. It is very cold and there are lots of snow in winter. And it is beautiful but be careful.

[ Information ] 1) Region : Hokkaido
2) Acreage : 83, 423.82km²
3) Population : about 5, 377, 000 people
4) Prefectural government : Sapporo city
5) Major cities (without prefectural government) : Otaru, Hakodate, Furano, etc,
6) Prefecture’s flower : Hamanasu (Japanese rose)
7) Prefecture’s bird : Japanese crane

Tomorrow, I introduce specially products and famous place and more that is useful for your sightseeing in Japan.
Don’t miss it!

Hamanasu (Japanese rose)  Japanese crane