[ Mt.Daisen @ Tottori ]

The view from the Kagikake pass

Mt.Daisen is locate in Tottori Prefecture. “Daisen” means “big mountain”. It’s one of volcanic mountains in Japan. It was designated a national park of Japan “Daisen-Oki National Park”.
It has an elevation of 1709 meters. It’s a magnificent mountain. So, a lot of climbers climb Mt.Daisen.
Tottori Prefecture situated at Sanin Region of Japan. The closest airport terminal to Mt. Daisen is Yonago Airport. It takes 1 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo Haneda airport to Yonago airport by ANA (All Nippon Airways).
In Mt. Daisen, its shape varies depending on the viewing spot of the viewer.
West side of it, it is named “Houki-Fuji”. Because it’s gently-sloping mountain, it seems like Mt.Fuji. There are the ski slopes and the campsites.
South side of it, the view from the “Kagikake” pass is a steep and rocky mountain. The contrast between the mountain with bare rocks and Japanese beech forest is very beautiful. In summer, the fresh green is beautiful. In fall, the changing leaves are beautiful. Especially, it is a dynamic spectacle!

[ Information ] “Mt.Daisen”
Daisen 40-33, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
■TEL:+81-859-52-2502 (Daisen Information Center)
■URL: http://en.go-to-japan.jp/daisenguide/
1) By Car:45 minute drive from JR “Yonago Station”
2) By Bus:50 minute bus ride for Daisenji Station by Nikko Bus from JR “Yonago Station”

West side named Houki-Fuji  The mountain with bare rocks and the changing leaves