[ “Ginkaku-ji” temple / Kyoto. It is wonderful “Wabi Sabi” ]

"Ginkaku-ji" with colored leaves

In autumn, many visitors and tourists enjoy Japanese traditional culture in “Ginkaku-ji” temple. It is called “Silver pavilion”. It has famous gardens and pavilion, for meditations and thinking some philosophy maintained for few centuries.

We feel Japanese thought “Wabi Sabi”. “Wabi Sabi” means gentle quiet and relieved.
“Ginkaku-ji” is named against “Kinkaku-ji” temple (“Golden pavilion”). “Ginkaku-ji” has official name “Jisho-ji” temple. In “Ginkaku-ji”, silver foils aren’t pasted.
Historical wooden pavilion is now maintained. Not shining but beautiful and fantastic! On the contrary there was calm, sober appearance by most citizens.

This temple is standing with the landscape to feel beautiful representation of natural scenery beauties.
In autumn, many citizen are walking slowly at “Testugaku-no-michi”. “Testugaku” means philosophy.

“Ginkaku-ji” was built along the calmly and deep greened mountain. You are surprised with this Japanese symbolic sight from entering. It has 3 meters high long fence covered with plants.

Following there is dry landscape garden by white sands. This landscape is concepted “as is” or “Let it be”. It is formed only with white sand. Really you feel beauty as genuine arts.

[Information] Ginkaku-ji temple
8:30~17:00 (3/1~11/30)
9:00~16:30 (12/1~2/28)
■Admission fee:
Junior high school and elementary school:300yen.
2 Ginkaku-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city.
■TEL: +81-75-771-5725
Get off the “Ginkakuji-mae” bus stop from “Kyoto station”.

"Ginkaku-ji" with colored leaves  dry landscape garden by white sands "Ginkaku-ji"  "Ginkaku-ji" with Japanese pond