[Today’s Japanese Food : “Kiritanpo nabe” ]

"Kiritanpo Nabe"

Today’s Japanese food is “Kiritanpo nabe”.

“Kiritanpo Nabe” is a kind of Japanese hot pot. It is cooked with chicken meat, spring onion, Japanese water dropwort and “Tanpo”. “Tanpo” is semi-kneaded rice wrapping a long skewer.

“Kiritanpo” is composed of “Kiri” as cutting and “Tanpo” as semi-kneaded rice.

In Japan’s cold winter, hot-pot foods warms the body. And “Kiritanpo” is a hot-pot food coming from the cold Tohoku region. In Tohoku region, the delicious rice is made. And it is also a famous exquisite indigenous chicken’s place of production, it is a specialty food of Akita prefecture.
How to cook “Kiritanpo Nabe”.
You can buy “Tanpo” at grocery store and tear them by hand, warmed in a microwave oven. Make Hinai chicken broth, if you can’t get Hinai chicken use ordinary chicken instead of that, and season it with salt and soy sauce.
Add chicken, shaved burdock, maitake mushrooms, “kiritanpo” and spring onion in that soup in this order, and boil it completely. At last, add Japanese water dropwort and last its crunchy texture.

To make “Kiritanpo Nabe” more delicious, “Hinai chicken” is indispensable. “Hinai chicken” that have been raised in the northern part of Akita Prefecture since ancient times. It contains many flavor components as “umami”, and less fat, nice chewy texture with light taste.

When you eat one pot with the people who can feel at ease, we might think to bring our hearts closer. And that’s the Japanese hot pot food.

"Kiritanpo Nabe" added Japanese water dropwort.